November 18, 2014

【超短編アニメ】世界一短い恋愛ドラマ English translation



super-short anime/animation: the shortest love/romantic drama in the world


the reason (for) breaking up*...?

Am I making a mistake?**

You're not making any mistake. With love, the right thing (to do) is not always right.

What an irrational reason.

No matter how irrational of a reason I have, isn't it better than no reason at all?

So... we're breaking up?*

Yes, because this is the women-only train.

超 = ちょう: super, ultra, really, very
短編 = たんぺん: short (story/film)
理不尽 = りふじん: irrational, unreasonable
ないよりはまし = better than nothing, more than none
女性専用車両 = じょせいせんようしゃりょう: women-only carriage (on a train), only for women passengers

* Note that the verb 別れる means "to be divided" or "to separate". They are separating because he's in the wrong train car; that's the joke.

** UPDATE: After being informed by the creator of the video above, I was told that the boy was not saying "are you making a mistake?" but rather "am I making a mistake/did I make some sort of mistake?" so yeah, I apologize for that mistake on my part! 蔵方透さんに、本当にありがとうございました

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