December 23, 2015

きよしこの夜 Silent Night Japanese ver. | English translation

Thought I would try to translate a festive song to get into the Christmas spirit. I've had a very difficult time for the last few months so it does me some good to relax.

This is one of my favorite Christmas carols because it really shows what Christmas is about and why it's my favorite season: Jesus sent himself to die for us. He could've been raised and treated like royalty his whole life, but instead he decided to be born in the hay with animals. That's very humbling.

Anyways I hope you enjoy the translation. メリークリスマス~

きよし この夜 
救いの御子は 馬槽の中に
眠り給う いと安く

kiyoshi kono yoru
hoshi wa hikari
sukui no miko wa mabune no naka ni
nemuri tamou ito yasuku

Silent night, holy night*
The stars are bright
God's Son of salvation, in the horse trough,
sleeps peacefully

きよし この夜 
牧人達は 御子の御前に
ぬかずきぬ かしこみて

kiyoshi kono yoru
otsuge ukeshi
bokujintachi wa miko no mimae ni
nukazukinu kashikomite

Silent night, holy night
(They) receive a divine message
The shepherds in the prescence of God's Son
Bowing on their knees, watching from there

きよし この夜 
恵みの御代の 朝(あした)の光
輝けり ほがらかに

kiyoshi kono yoru
miko no emi ni
megumi no miyo no ashita no hikari
kagayakeri hogaraka ni

Silent night, holy night
In the child's smile,
Tomorrow's light of the reign of grace
will shine melodiously

* きよしこの夜 more literally translates to "this night is holy/bright/pure". I'm not 100% sure what きよし means or what the definition is.