September 15, 2014



to my joy, I realized that there are books in Japanese that you can borrow from my local library!! I was pretty surprised that my small town library even HAD any books in Japanese to choose from. one of the books I checked out was titled 花まんま and it seems to be a collection of short stories. except since this book doesn't have furigana, i have to use a kanji dictionary to try and read the kanji i don't recognize. i think I did pretty well, though! I was able to read the first page even though it took me two hours to look up most of the kanji. oh well. this is that page. I decided to translate it.

hana manma

the night of Tokabi


that night, I saw Tokabi.



almost as if happily skipping along, he was lightly hopping from rooftop to rooftop of the houses tightly gathered together, underneath the slightly waned moon, while his strange, but pleasant voice elevated.



from the window of my room on the second floor, I quieted my voice and gazed at the affair. even though I wanted to show it to my mother and father who were sleeping downstairs, my eyes could not part from the scene.



before long, when he leaped high up onto the top of the roof of the opposite house, Tokabi suddenly somersaulted. because the belly of his running shirt became filled with the autumn wind and puffed out, just as I thought, I knew he was really there.



while desperately resisting the sleepiness that attacked me, I continued to gaze at his cheerful appearance. and in my heart, I prayed that this was not a dream.

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