March 4, 2014

音のない部屋の中で (In the middle of a room with no sound) English translation + romaji lyrics

whoo is a wonderful vocaloid artist whose songs i've had the pleasure of stumbling across and listening to! this is just one of many that I love. you can also buy it on iTunes so. go. buy it when you feel sad and eat ice cream while you listen to it or something.

(oh yeah, this is probably worth mentioning: the name of this song on iTunes is "oto no nai heya no naka de" and bears the same name as the album it's on.)


seiten no uchuu ni mogutte
kazoe kirenai hodo no hoshi
sukuiagete wa kobore ochite yuku
kuro gayoushi ni some ageru you ni

dive into a universe of fine weather
into the countless stars
scoop them up, they're overflowing and falling
as if giving color to black drawing paper

夜空を埋める枯葉みたいな 魚の群れが
目を離した隙に また浮かび上がろうとしていたんだ

hoshikuzu no ten to ten wo musunde
ikutsuka sono ue kara kaki tashite
boku to kimi ga tsukuri ageta uchuu de
yozora wo umeru kareha mitai na sakana no mure ga
me wo hanashita suki ni mata ukabi agerou to shiteitanda

I tie specks of stardust together*
from the top of them I add writing
in the universe that you and I made
the schools of fish look kinda like the dead leaves that fill up the night sky
they are once again rising to the surface of the space I took my eyes off of

溢れ出した言葉 風の音に攫われ
見上げた月に影 溺れるような夜
カーテンを開けば 窓の外すべてを
覆い隠すような虹 手をつないで駆け上ったまま

afuredashita kotoba, kaze no ne ni saraware
miageta tsuki ni kage, oboreru you na yoru
kaaten wo hirakeba, mado no soto subete wo
ooi kakusu you na niji, te wo tsunaide kakeagatta mama

my overflowing words run away with the sound of the wind
I gazed up at the shadow on the moon that seems to drown the night**
if I open up the curtains, everything outside the window
appears to be a rainbow hiding shrouds, we're holding hands and running up

僕と君が作り上げた こんなに狭い宇宙船に乗り込んで

boku to kimi ga tsukuriageta konna ni semai uchuusen ni norikonde
katsute mita yume no mama no sekai ni korogari ochiteiku you ni bokura wa

you and I board the very confined spaceship that you and I built
and it's like we're tumbling down into the world of a dream I saw once

translation notes:

* the line here is "hoshikuzu no ten to ten wo musunde" which literally means something more like "I tie speck (of stardust) with speck" or "I tie specks of stardust with (other) specks of stardust". it's a very pretty lyric in Japanese but it is unfortunately hard for me to translate into equally beautiful English.

** or "the night that seems to be drowned in the shadow on the moon I looked up at" something like that. I may be incorrect. sorry

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