December 7, 2013

Continuation of Us 僕らのつづき English translation (+ romaji)

ohhhh man I've been wanting to translate this song for such a long time because I bought it almost a whole year ago and I could understand so much of what they were saying in the song

so I hope you enjoy the song as much as I enjoyed being able to understand all of it, it's a SUPER pretty song (also, you can buy it on iTunes. go. buy it now).

涙はまだ 果てを 知らないで
忘れないで 夢を 幸せを

namida wa mada hate wo shiranaide
ienai kizu mo aru deshou
wasurenaide yume wo shiawase wo
oikakete hoshii kara

I still don't know when my tears will stop
and the unhealable wounds are still there, aren't they?
please don't forget dreams or happiness
because I want to pursue them!

君が笑うときは 僕も笑う
君が泣けば 僕も泣く
忘れないで いつも 君のこと

kimi ga warau toki wa boku mo warau
kimi ga nakeba boku mo naku
wasurenaide itsumo kimi no koto
soba de miteru kara

whenever you laugh, I laugh too
and if you cry, I cry too
I will never forget you
because I see you here by my side

会えない 今は

aitai keredo
aenai ima wa

I miss you*, but
I can't meet you right now

生き抜いて 生き抜いて
思い出して 僕の笑顔を

bokura no tsudzuki wo
ikinuite ikinuite
nemurenai yoru wa
omoidashite boku no egao wo

the continuation of us
it survives, it survives
on sleepless nights
remember my smiling face

僕も さみしい

boku mo samishii

I wish to embrace you
I am also lonely

生き抜いて 生き抜いて
思い出して 君の笑顔を

sore demo ashita wo
ikinuite ikinuite
nemurenai yoru wa
omoidashite kimi no egao wo

but even so, tomorrow
it survives, it survives
on sleepless nights
remember your smiling face

涙はもう 果てを 知るように
忘れないで 僕の あの言葉

namida wa mou hate wo shiru you ni
yagate kizu mo iete yuku
wasurenaide boku no ano kotoba
suteki na kimi dakara

it seems I know when my tears will end
before long, my wounds will start to heal, too
please don't forget these words of mine
because you are so beautiful

君へ ありがとう
kimi he arigatou

to you, thank you

* translation note: "aitai" lit. means "I want to see you" or "I want to meet (with) you" but sometimes is translated to "I miss you"

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