May 13, 2014

めぐる季節 Rotating Seasons | English translation (+ romaji lyrics)

薄紅 花景色 せつなさを知った春
はかなく散ってゆく 風の指先ふれて
静かに見える波 まぶしすぎる夏の日

usubeni hana keshiki, setsunasa wo shitta haru
hakanaku chitteyuku, kaze no yubisaki furete
shizuka ni mieru nami, mabushisugiru natsu no hi
kokoro no kaigan de shiroku kudaketeitta

a landscape of light crimson flowers, a spring that knew of misery
the flowers* briefly fall, feeling the fingertips of the wind
a wave that can be seen in the silence, a summer day that is too radiant
by the coast of my heart, they would smash into white

ゆれる想い 自分をだきしめたの ひとり
明日はどんな日に 頬づえの窓辺から

sugiyuku kisetsu no hate ni tatazumu hito wa dare na no?
yureru omoi, jibun wo dakishimeta no hitori
ashita wa donna hi ni, hoho dzue no madobe kara
katachi no nai yume wo kitto mitsuke ni yukou

at the end of these too many passing seasons, who is that person standing still?
your swaying emotions embraced you, all alone
no matter what kind of day tomorrow will be, from the windowside, resting your hand on your cheek
I'll surely go to find a dream without a form

色づく街ゆけば 誰かに逢いたい秋
やさしくなれそうな 夕暮れのさみしさよ
凍えた手のひらで とけてゆく粉雪は
涙によく似てた ぬくもりに出会う冬

irodzuku machi yukeba, dareka ni aitai aki
yasashiku naresou na, yuugure no samishisa yo
kogoeta te no hira de, tokete yuku konayuki wa
namida ni yoku niteta nukumori ni deau fuyu

when I go to the color-changing town, a fall where I want to meet someone
it'll surely become gentler, the loneliness of the evening
in the palm of my frozen hand, the melting powdery snow
it looked perfectly like tears, the winter where I met warmth by chance

めぐる季節 想い出に変えながら ふたり

shiawase wo sagasu hito ga ichiban shiawase da tte
meguru kisetsu omoide ni kaenagara, futari

they say the person who searches for happiness is the happiest
while these rotating seasons are changing into memories, with us two**

明日はどんな風 歩きだす窓辺から

ashita wa donna kaze arukidasu madobe kara
mou sugu mietekuru yume wo watatte yukou

whatever the wind is like tomorrow, I'll keep walking from beside the window
very soon, I'll go to cross over into my dream in sight

translation notes:

* she does not mention flowers in this sentence, but the verb (and the sentence before it) implies that the things falling/blowing in the wind are indeed flowers, if that makes any sense. it doesn't but oh well

** this doesn't literally mean "with us two", but she does say "futari", which implies that there are now two people present, as compared to the previous word used, "hitori" which is a counter for only one person.

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