January 19, 2014

Ashitaka and San (Vocal) English translation

the beautiful theme song for the cute couple from the movie Princess Mononoke.

I found that someone had written down the lyrics here (although it appears they wrote them from trying to listen to the song, so they may be inaccurate, in which case, i am sorry if this translation is inaccurate as well)

はるか彼方に ねむる人よ
永遠の光が 土にかえるように
大地の ゆるしが とどくまで

haruka kanata ni nemuru hito yo
hitomi tojireba hirogaru
ano hi no yasashii koe
eien no hikari ga tsuchi ni kaeru you ni
daichi no yurushi ga todoku made

Far away, on the other side, is a sleeping person
If you close your eyes, it spreads out
The gentle voice of that day
It seems like eternal light is returning to the earth
Until it reaches the forgiveness of the earth

しんじて ともに生きること
そして 生まれるつよさ
みあげて 遠くをはなれても
心をひとつにむすぶ 愛 希望のそら

shinjite, tomo ni ikiru koto
soshite umareru tsuyosa
miagete, tooku wo hanaretemo
kokoro wo hitotsu ni musubu ai, kibou no sora

Believe in living together
And in the strength that is born
Look up, even if you go far away
A love that binds (two) hearts into one, a sky of hope

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